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Get ahead and stay ahead by modernizing your network encryption and security infrastructure with quantum-based solutions from Light Rider. Integrate a quantum solution into your network by partnering with Light Rider and leapfrog the competition by light years.

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Software Solutions for the Quantum Future

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Secured by Nature

Light Rider is a quantum LiFi company leveraging the supernatural behavior of quantum physics to create secure, unparalleled encryption products with our patented technology. Only quantum networking can protect your privacy from scammers, hackers, and governments wielding super and quantum computers. Through our growing product suite, Light Rider offers out-of-the-box quantum encryption for individuals and businesses alike.

Through our growing suite of software and hardware solutions, Light Rider allows anyone to bring the power of quantum to their enterprise.

Light Rider Products

Light Rider is introducing four strategic product lines into the marketplace that will help businesses, cities, and governments prepare for the coming quantum revolution. Our four primary product lines cover everything from everyday encryption to connected cities, and it all starts with quantum.

portable encryption

Portable Encryption

Portable quantum encryption systems using USB dongle and portable access point. For computers, IoT devices, optical smartphones.

Light Drive: Encrypted Storage

Quantum encrypted thumb drives, external storage drives, and encrypted memory devices.

Quantum Networking

Complete quantum LiFi system. Quantum router, quantum LiFi bulbs, complete networking system to replace WiFi.

Quantum Infrastructure

Quantum secure municipal connectivity and encryption. Streetlights, LiFi infrastructure for campuses and campuses.

WiFi is out.

LiFi is in.

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Traditional wireless networks are full of vulnerabilities and waste. From weak passwords to vulnerable hardware, WiFi “security” is anything but secure. Quantum LiFi is different. With Light Rider’s complete Quantum Networking Product suite, you’ll create a completely protected network using your existing lighting system. Light Rider’s quantum LiFi system will restrict access to everyone who is not physically near the light source. No bad guys. No sniffing. No neighbors leaching off your network. It’s a fortress of light and it’s the future we’re creating with Quantum LiFi.

Let There be Light

The power of Light Rider can move mountains. Here’s how:


Quantum is the future. And now is the time.


Only those in your physically- lit area can access your network.


Light Rider uses quantum encryption (light) to protect your data.


Setting up Light Rider products is easy and fast.


Your data never slows down because it moves at light speed. From device to fiber.


Light Rider Quantum Arcade

Looking for something truly random? Look no further. If you’re in need of a completely objective way to make a decision or intend a specific outcome, Light Rider’s Quantum Games App is a randomization tool that utilizes QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generation) to provide outcomes of chance across a variety of games. If you need to flip a coin, play rock, paper, scissors, or even need lottery numbers, this app is for you. With Light Rider, you create the outcomes through a partnership with nature.

By quantum. From quantum.