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Beacon. Quantum for Good

Education, Opportunities, & Partnerships for the Future

Significant advances in technology are almost always achieved through a combination of education, teamwork, commitment, and talent. This also includes partnerships across the lines of government, private sector, education, and nonprofits. With the advances in quantum science and technology, the need to operationalize and translate scientific understanding of quantum into practical applications such as cybersecurity, computing, and research, becomes imminent. Light Rider is committed to supporting the development and mobilization of quantum technologies within educational institutions and non-profit organizations and has developed the Beacon program as an outlet for leveraging quantum for good. Light Rider’s Beacon program consists of:

  • Teaching and training opportunities for schools and nonprofits
  • Pricing discounts for Light Rider products
  • Internship and mentoring opportunities for students pursuing careers in quantum tech

If you are an educational or nonprofit organization interested in bringing quantum into the classroom or leveraging quantum technologies in your ecosystem, please reach out to us at for more information.