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The Future is Light

Our Mission

Light Rider’s mission is simple… To provide unhackable communications products to the planet at a price they can afford. By marrying both quantum encryption and LiFi technology, Light Rider’s growing suite of products is poised to revolutionize networks and prepare the world for the arrival of the quantum Internet, and beyond.

The Power of Quantum at the Speed of Light

With news of hacks, breaches, and the realization that modern communications infrastructure is shaky at best, Light Rider is leapfrogging existing wireless communications entirely. Born from a deep understanding of technology, quantum, telecommunications, and cybersecurity, Light Rider is the only communications company that uses the power of light with the security of quantum to protect data.

With an ever-growing realization that current technologies, methods, and products simply aren’t enough to stave off cybersecurity threats, the market is ready for something different. Add to this the increase in quantum-powered hacking abilities from nation-states and bad actors and you’re left to wonder, “How do you win at cyber and beat quantum at its own game?” The answer? Only quantum can beat quantum. However, the US lags in its adoption of quantum technology and shows only a dated investment in quantum computing– an insufficient response to a growing threat. Light Rider seeks to introduce the US and global markets to quantum security at the individual and network level; the next evolution toward the goal of end-to-end quantum encryption.

Investor Overview

Light Rider currently has two core hardware products with a focus on expansive software-based solutions at the enterprise level.

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Light Rider’s team consists of engineers, futurists, scientists, and technology experts, highly decorated in their fields.

The applications for Quantum LiFi are nearly limitless. Light Rider’s 3 to 5-year plan includes applications in civil engineering, higher ed, municipal, government, space, and consumer verticals.


The addressable market for networking technologies alone is poised to reach $90bn by 2024
(-Globe Newswire).

Patent Filings for Quantum Technology by Country

China has nearly doubled the U.S. in the amount of Quantum patents in just the past decade.

Quantum LiFi is agnostic to region, country, or connectivity type. It’s a global market opportunity with unlimited uses across the globe.

Data breach costs are expected to reach $5 trillion by 2024 with no leading solution in sight from traditional networking models.
(- scmagazine)

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