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Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions about Light Rider products and LiFi.

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What are the products available now?

Products available for purchase today are Light Rider’s Quantum Terminal Kit, Gen 1 Bulb, and Gen 1 Kit.

How is Light Rider’s encryption technology different than current encryption technologies?

Light Rider’s encryption is different from classical encryption entirely. Classical encryption relies on software-derived repetition of numbers, quantum encryption derives its randomness from the physical behavior of photons. Our quantum terminals are independent Entropy sources that do not need to be connected to the internet. It’s all-natural!

What’s the capacity related to encryption at the enterprise level?

Light Rider’s quantum processing capabilities allow for massive scalability. In only half a second a 1k block can be created from the totally random quantum super stream which is integrated from 6 different sources of quantum entropy. Each terminal can stream quantum keys infinitely.

Does it encrypt your Internet connection? Or just files or both?

Light Rider’s quantum encryption secures any files or computer systems but is not intended to encrypt an Internet connection to a remote host. LiFi + Light Rider however creates a closed, secure, and invisible wireless connection when used for connectivity (coming summer 2021).

Does it have updates or software installed?

Light Rider’s encryption products provide you a sandbox environment to apply true quantum randomness wherever you desire in your own infrastructure. Light Rider’s team works with every enterprise user to correctly configure, deploy, and maintain the quantum environment in a client’s own network stack.

How come I’ve never heard of LiFI?

If you’re in the United States then chances are that LiFi is completely new to you. However, LiFi as a technology has been around for years with many quality LiFi technology manufacturers around the world. For a variety of reasons, LiFi has yet to reach the US consumer market even though it will most likely be the new wireless global standard in coming years.

Is there an app?

The Light Rider Quantum Games app utilizes the quantum generation super stream to give users the ability to leverage quantum randomness in games of chance. This is perfect for users desiring heads/tails or lottery number generation or who desire to intend an outcome using the supernatural behavior of quantum physics. App will be available spring 2021.

Is any data stored on Light Rider servers?

Since information from your network is never broadcast back to Light Rider’s servers there is never any of your data stored.

If the encryption stream comes via software, how quantum can it really be?

Light Rider’s quantum encryption doesn’t come from software, it is only transmitted by software. Where typical encryption schemes are generated in binary using software, Light Rider’s quantum randomness is generated at the physical level (light) and then transmitted through software.

Can’t I just make my own encryption stream using a quantum chip?

Access to a quantum processor alone will not translate into an application. Light Rider has spent a significant amount of time developing proprietary code and through research has leveraged quantum technologies.

What else is Light Rider working on?

Light Rider has 4 product lines:

  • Portable Encryption: Leveraging quantum physics to encrypt and unlock information and communications/computing systems on demand.
  • Quantum Storage: Storage devices that utilize quantum encryption for an ultra-secure storage environment.
  • Quantum Networking: Communications technologies (LiFI, routers, etc) that create a quantum secure communications system to replace traditional WiFi.
  • Quantum Infrastructure: Applications of quantum communications, encryption, and security at the municipal, campus, or critical infrastructure layers.