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Quantum Communications Solutions

If you have a remote workforce, secure IT infrastructure, or handle sensitive or protected information then consider one of Light Rider’s secure quantum solutions as part of your overall security and communications strategy. Do any of these scenarios describe your business?

Sensitive Data

Your company handles financial, medical, personal, or business data of a sensitive nature or handles data that could be exploited for great gain by hackers. This includes banking and finance, hedge fund managers, lawyers and law firms, technology firms, M&A, govcon, medical, and more.

Remote Workforce

Your company has a workforce that is functional and growing but lacks any kind of security infrastructure beyond encouraging employees to change their passwords and avoid clicking suspicious emails. This includes organizations with a high-growth trajectory who don’t want to choose between the benefits of remote work and the security of an in-person IT environment.

Partially Remote Workforce

Your company has a blended workforce of in-person and remote workers, all of whom are handling data of a sensitive nature or who are transitioning between roles or IT environments. This includes organizations who are transitioning their business models, overhauling their IT and employee infrastructure, and businesses who are moving into (or out of) brick and mortar settings and rethinking their security posture.

Create Your Own Quantum Future

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Innovation Partners (IP) Program. By Light Rider

Looking to integrate or build out quantum and LiFi solutions within your own IRAD program? Need to develop your own in-house quantum development team or unit? Light Rider’s Innovation Partners (IP) Program is your path. When you join the IP Program, your organization gains access to Light Rider’s development toolbox, APIs, and IRAD processes for you to get in the sandbox and innovate in partnership with our team. Light Rider’s IP program gives your R&D staff access and input to software development/testing and support in developing your own unique applications, plus access to our engineers and discounts on hardware for your research.

When you have a vision and are ready to innovate….
IP is where you start.